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History of Aviation Disasters:1950 to 9/11
Book Description
Insider's heavily documented information on series of behind-the-scene enabling causes of many aviation disasters, starting in 1950, and information on 9/11 that has never before been revealed. Written by a former Naval Aviator, international airline captain, and former FAA airline safety inspector.
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Over 20 non-fiction titles at
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Walnut Creek, CA
Author bio
Naval Aviator and Patrol Plane Commander in World War II; international airline captain; FAA airline safety inspector; confidant of numerous CIA and other insiders involved in major covert activities; author of over 20 non-fiction books; guest and expert on hundreds of radio and TV shows, starting in 1978; whistleblower, and then, government-corruption fighter.
Professional Speaker Topics
Numerous subjects relating to government intrigue: aviation disasters; terrorism; scandals; drug smuggling; etc.
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