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Workshop Facilitator
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Embark on a journey of discovery to awaken the fulfilling life you deserve!

Do you find yourself running on auto-pilot? Have your lost sight of you? Does your past overshadow your joy? The Gift of Knowing You is an inspiring resource for assessing your personal fulfillment, making peace with your past if needed, and discovering where your joy resides.

Author Joselyn Smith-Greene set the intention to transform her inner turmoil from a traumatic childhood into a life brimming with gratitude and fulfillment. She shares her experience to help you craft a life that embraces the essence of your truest self.

You’ll discover how to:
· Awaken your transformational self-discovery with three important questions.
· Nurture and grow your self-awareness with the practice of journaling.
· Transform negative experiences into a catalyst for creating positive change.
· Use powerful self-care practices to illuminate your path along your journey

With personal examples, reflective questions, and easy-to-follow exercises, you’ll reconnect with who you are, value your unique greatness and discover the power of your story.
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Queens, New York
Author bio
Self-awareness expert, workshop facilitator, and life story advocate, Joselyn Smith-Greene is the author of “The Gift of Knowing You, Discovering the Power of Your Story.” The book shares Smith-Greene’s transformation from childhood trauma to joy centered adulthood as she leads readers on their self-discovery journey.

Born in Brooklyn, New York, Smith-Greene was required to journal for a high school English class. Her journaling practice laid the foundation for her transformational self-discovery journey in the years that followed. She describes herself as a self-reflective guru (maven) and journaling junkie.

Outside of her life responsibilities, Smith-Greene is most likely engaging in some type of maker project. Creativity is her best friend, super power, therapy and saving grace. Viewing the world through a creative lens allows Smith-Greene to embrace present moments, appreciate perfect imperfection, and recognize life’s endless possibilities.

Smith-Greene holds a M.A. in Graphic Communications from New York University. She also earned a B.S. in Business Management from the Long Island University.

Favorite Quote or Personal Motto

Dwell in Possibility—Emily Dickinson

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