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The Power of Self-Mastery: Changing your life through discovery, exploration, and transformation
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Have you wondered if it’s really possible to change?

Then you have picked up the right book, and this is the right time. After many years of living a life on autopilot and some seriously dark times, author Brandie Allen finally experienced an incredible shift and completely transformed her life. She felt compelled to explore why, after years of failed attempts and without any help from pharmaceuticals or traditional therapy, something finally worked. She has combined her life experience with her mental health education, basic neuroscience, and knowledge of consciousness and transformation, to deliver the most complete understanding of how to make permanent changes in your life. You already have everything you need.

This book encompasses only the most successful practices to bring about the most optimal change. The tools provided in this book will not only improve your life, but provide you with useful strategies to tackle future challenges.
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Laguna Niguel, CA
Author bio
When it comes to self-mastery, Brandie Allen has been a catalyst for many.
Brandie believes that all suffering, both individually and collectively, can be solved by going BEYOND the root cause. She says that you can have an incredible life every single day, regardless of your circumstances, other people, or what is happening in the world. After experiencing this in her own life, it has become her greatest passion to share this with people so that they can change their lives and start living more true to themselves.

In her new book, The Power of Self- Mastery, Brandie offers practical ways to help you navigate through dark times and adversity. This inspirational guide will be the lighthouse you need to help you find your self-worth, stop negative thoughts and self- doubt, and live your life according to YOU.
Professional Speaker Topics
The Power of Self-Mastery, Hypnotic Rhythm, Going BEYOND the root cause, Emotional Abuse, Post-traumatic growth, Spiritual Awakening, Finding Life's Purpose, Mindfulness/Presence, The Hero's Journey, Social Conditioning
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