Gudjon Bergman
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Baby Steps to Meditation
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A regular meditation practice has been shown to increase focus and creativity, while also decreasing stress, anxiety, worry and tension. It is no wonder that companies such as Apple, Google, Nike, Time Warner, Yahoo!, Procter & Gamble, HBO and others are encouraging their employees to meditate.

This little book takes twenty years of experience and study and provides a simple step by step guide to meditation, breaking the practice down to its essential building blocks, which are understanding, motivation, relaxation and concentration.

Instructions are provided in crisp and easy to understand language, honoring both ancient meditative traditions and modern scientific approaches.
Additional Book Titles
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The Author's Blueprint
Empowerment Basics
Living in the Spirit of Yoga
Yes! You Can Manage Stress
Quit Smoking and Be Free
Know Thyself
The Seven Human Needs
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Kyle, TX, USA
Author bio
Gudjon Bergmann is an author, speaker and meditation teacher. He has has written about a variety of subjects including meditation and relaxation techniques, smoking cessation, empowerment basics, stress management, the spiritual aspects of yoga and Eastern philosophy, goal setting, the seven human needs, how to write non-fiction books, and how to present with confidence.
Professional Speaker Topics
The Five Habits of Stress Management
Baby Steps to Meditation
The Art of Letting Go - From Relaxation to Forgiveness to Meditation
The Seven Steps to Writing Non-Fiction... Fast!
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