Brandi Winans

Brandi Winans
Brandi Winans
The Flip Side of Glory
The Flip Side of Glory is the true story of Jeff and Brandi Winans from 1978 to 2007. It reveals their heartwrenching love story. Jeff was an All American in Football, Basketball and Track, with a scholarship to USC and on to the National Football League, playing for Buffalo, Tampa and the Raiders and the price their family paid for the love of the game. Brandi shares her story to help other players and their families and that with faith, love and hope, that anything is possible.

She is currently writing the sequal, The Flip Side of Glory, Coming Full Circle, which is the conclusion of their amazing love story.
The Stepping Stones of Life
Harness the Power of Your Passion
Overcoming Life’s Obstacles in an Everyday World
Coming Soon: The Family Toolbox: Understanding and Letting Go of past hurts
Saint Petersburg, Florida
Brandi Winans is an author, motovational speaker, facilitator, MBTI Certified Practitioner, Certified Conflict Dynamic Profiler-Individual, D.i.S.C. Behavior Profiler and above all a mother to her son Travis.
She is a speaker/advisory board member of The National Football Players Women Association, Family Advisory Board Member of Sports Legacy Institute, Board of Director and Vice President of Generation Next Foundation, Steering Committee Member of The Faith and Community Network for the Department of Juvenile Justice, Circuit 6, Former Board of Director and past Guild President of The Boys and Girls Club of the Suncoast.
She is a strong NFL Advocate for the pre-93 players, working with former players and their families with a goal to keep the family unit together.
The Family Toolbox: What’s in Yours?
Overcoming Life’s Obstacles in an Everyday World
Listen to be heard: How to be a better communicator

“It’s Through our past that we gain our future.” Brandi Winans 2006

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