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Way To Transform Your Energy and Join Almighty's Energy
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This book is in four Volumes.

Volume-I All Volumes has Five Chapters
(1) Introduction.
(2) Cercadian Rhythm and Biological Clock
(3) The Universe and its Vastness in addition to know that we are in Universe and whole Universe in us.
(4) The Attribute of Sun As Provider of Light and Energy.
(5) The Soul.

(1) After Having Born as a Human Being.
(2) Carecterstices Some of the Elements Forming the Human Being.
(3) The Respiratory System.
(4) The Digestive System.
(5) Blood Circulation System.

(1) Casual Body And Soul.
(2) Where The Universe Situated in Physical Human Body With a Almighty's Energy.
(3) Godly Incarnations for Benefit of the Humanity.
(4) Universe as a Play of Mind.
(5) Religion Teaches Us Humanity, but how different Religon Developed in the World.

(1) Science of Astrology.
(2) Karma And its Causes.
(3) The Gift of Mind, Memory and Intellect given by Almighty to Human Being to Enjoying Fruit of Creation.
(4) Evolution of Life up to the State of Finest Soul.
(5) Summary.
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Sharad Joshi was born on 28th. March 1941 at Allahabad, U.P. India, and completed Educated from Allahabad. Joined Indian Air Force in 1961. After retirement as a Mechanical Engineer from Indian Air Force did service in a Factory at Faridaad, Haryana. India and around New Delhi, India up to 1998, during service period did MBA from IGNOU, New Delhi. Now since 1999 settled at Jaipur, Rajasthan, India, and now working as a Caretaker of Sri Sai Shradha Adhyatm Charitable Trust.

This is my first book, with my experience of life, Holy Blessing, Guidance and Instructions, of my Sad Guru Sri Sai Baba of Shirdi, Maharashtra, India. My Way of Life is to be attach with Every Creation on the Earth, but never tied up with any one. I never live with past, nor with future life I spent with others, because I live with Present Movement and enjoy the life.
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Almighty have no faith in Human Being, because may change any time, Hence, the Energy itself is safely placed in the Earth.

If you are born with Faith, the Energy will flow into you.

A time will come when we have to choose between the Command of Almighty, and the Suggestion of Society.

If we follow the Suggestion of Society, Almighty will not follow us.

However, if we follow command of Almighty, then Society is bound to follow us.

Favorite Quote or Personal Motto

I do not waste my time on what others keeping opinion about me, because it is their problem, if you agree with others thoughts then good Human Being, and if you do Not follow them then bad Human Being. I Trust, Love, respect and Faith in me Almighty is with me every movement of life.

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