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Communicating with IMPACT
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Patrick Donadio’s book, “Communicating with IMPACT” shows you how to take control of your actions and words so that you can be a more effective and efficient communicator. Patrick has created a powerful process, including six outstanding principles (IMPACT), to help you effectively communicate ideas and achieve greater results – faster!:

I – Intention
M – Message
P – Person
A – Activate
C – Clarify
T – Transform

These principles will provide you with the tools you need to lead more effectively, communicate clearly, listen actively, present more powerfully, deepen relationships, enhance your credibility, increase sales, achieve greater results and positively impact the lives of others. In an age with so much technology, communication has expanded to several platforms, but even with so many paths to communicate, how do you ensure your message is received properly?
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As a communication strategist for 30+ years, I deliver custom, high-value, In-Person/Hybrid/Virtual presentations to help leaders and their teams communicate clearly, lead effectively, present powerfully, listen attentively, and make a greater IMPACT on their bottom line - through my engaging keynotes, practical hands-on workshops, and one-on-one coaching.

Patrick Donadio

Patrick Donadio, MBA, is a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP™), Master Certified Coach (MCC) and author of the book “Communicating with IMPACT”. He specializes in Business Communications and Leadership Development. Patrick has taught and coached two generations of leaders and their organizations to use his results-based "IMPACT process". Patrick helps leaders and their teams communicate clearly, lead effectively, present powerfully, listen attentively, and make a greater IMPACT on their bottom line - through Live/Virtual engaging keynotes, practical training, and one-on-one coaching.

Patrick has spoken with and empowered audiences nationally and internationally. He has trained thousands of people, in a vast array of industries, from Fortune 100 companies to associations and governmental organizations. Donadio has appeared on the same programs with renowned speakers as Earvin “Magic” Johnson, LA Lakers point guard; Joan Lunden, former Good Morning America host; and Comedian Jeff Foxworthy, just to name a few. To see Patrick in Action Click Here

Donadio has served on the board of the National Speakers Association (NSA). He is one of a few people in the world to have earned both the Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designation from the NSA, and the Master Certified Coach (MCC) designation from the International Coach Federation (ICF), the highest distinction from both associations.

As an educator, he has taught communications at the University of Notre Dame, The Weatherhead School of Management, The Ohio State University, and The John Glenn College of Public Affairs. Patrick received his Master’s in Business Administration from The Ohio University, graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor’s in Communications, and was a member of Phi Kappa Phi honor society.

As a business communication coach, Donadio works with C-suite executives, leaders, and Professional Services Providers to grow their business, improve communication/presentation skills, increase sales, and enhance their community image.

In addition, he has been published and profiled in numerous publications and appeared on broadcast media, including NBC Nightly News, Psychology Today, Time Magazine, Huffington Post, CEO Magazine, Business First, Money, WCMH-TV, WBNS-TV, WTVN-AM, WOSU-FM… just to name a few

Professional Speaker Topics
*Communicating with IMPACT: Apply the IMPACT process to plan and deliver your message to communicate clearly, lead effectively, present powerfully, listen attentively, engage/inspire others to make a greater IMPACT, and achieve greater results

*Presenting with IMPACT (Updated): Learn how to Apply the IMPACT Process to craft and deliver a more powerful, engaging, inspiring, and dynamic in-person/virtual presentation.

*IMPACT Actively Listening Training for Leaders (New): Apply the IMPACT process to learn how to listen to understand, get more clarity, deepen relationships, and reduce errors and costly mistakes.

*Becoming a “Kaizen” Leader: Identify, evaluate, and improve the traits successful leaders possess to take their leadership skills to the next level

*Running Effective Virtual Meetings (Updated): Learn how to apply the IMPACT Process and the BDA (Before During After) approach to plan, organize, lead, and deliver a more engaging live/virtual meeting.

*Communicating with Style: One style doesn’t fit all. Learn how to identify and flex your communication style (DISC) to make a greater IMPACT on your people, outcomes, and bottom line.

*IMPACT Business Story Telling (New): Learn how to apply the IMPACT process to learn how to create and deliver more compelling, engaging, and inspiring stories. These powerful stories will better help you illustrate or demonstrate your point and make a great impact on your receiver.

*POWERFUL PR-Working with the Media (Updated): Much of what you see in the media today (print, R/TV, and social) is the result of someone’s polished public relations skills. Learn insider techniques to increase your message reach, enhance your image, ace a media interview, and increase your client base.
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"Nothing Changes Until You Change!" - Patrick Donadio

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