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The Unfakeable Code®
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Methodically researched and written, The Unfakeable Code®: Take Back Control, Lead Authentically and Live Freely on Your Terms' helps you learn how to be true to yourself for a happier, less stressful and more authentic, mindful, and successful way of living.

It explores the destructive business, leadership, financial, relationship, psychological, and spiritual impact of living an inauthentic life – a problem that has become an ironic epidemic in a world that is more interconnected and informative than ever before. Empowering readers to come back into authentic living, leading, and loving, where old wounds can be healed and masks can be unveiled. A must-read book makes a compelling and scientific case for being more authentic at home, socially, and at work. It assists in harmonizing body-mind-heart intelligence to deal with any form of anxiety, conflict, stress, and willfully create an inspired destiny. It's also been a hit among critics, too, with one recently writing, "The worldview developed here transcends science, dogma, and belief, giving readers a new way to reconnect with their true authentic self and Divine within."

Brian Tracy – Author – The Power of Self Confidence quotes: "This is an inspiring, enjoyable, fast-moving book that shows you how to unlock your full power for unlimited success."

"The worldview developed here transcends science, dogma, and belief, giving readers a new code to reconnect with their true, authentic individual and the Divine within that knows how to take back control, lead authentically and live freely on your terms." Dr. John Demartini, World Renown Human Behavior Expert, Philosopher and Founder of the Demartini Institute

Grace Masso gave the following five-star literary review for Readers' Favorite: "The Unfakeable Code: Take Back Control, Lead Authentically and Live Freely on Your Terms by Tony Jeton Selimi instructs, motivates, inspires, and provides the tools readers need to transform their lives — and the word "transform" should be read in its strictest sense. In a world where people easily get used to "wearing masks," it is as easy to lose the sense of self, get disillusioned about who one really is, and be stuck in a life that doesn't befit one's deepest desires and dreams. The author writes about the strength of being authentic and explores the different ways in which the masks we wear trump our desire for growth and success. He proposes an actionable guide to usher readers on the path toward personal growth, freedom, and success."
Additional Book Titles
A Path to Wisdom, #Loneliness, Fit for Purpose Leadership #3, Take Off The Mask, Your Soul is Waiting® inspired poetry published in the anthology 'novum #10'
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London, United Kingdom
Author bio
Tony Jeton Selimi was born on the 12th of December 1969, Gostivar, Northern Macedonia. From an early age, his mother made sure he wore leg braces to correct a congenital disability. At the age of five, unbeknownst to his parents, he was sexually abused, and at nine, he was stricken by an illness that left him hospitalized – fighting for his life for almost two years.

If that was not enough, when he started high school in Skopje, he was bullied, threatened, and was persistently told he would never achieve anything in life. Despite all the hardships, his academic prowess paved the way for him to study at one of the top engineering universities in Zagreb, Croatia. Having finished his first year at university, at the age of 19, against his free will, he was conscripted into the former Yugoslav army to fight a civil war he, deep down in his soul, despised.

His calling for ending abuse, discrimination, loneliness, and achieving greater equality kept him focused on his ongoing journey to educate, grow, and transform himself to achieve greater levels of excellence. His lifelong determination for climbing greater heights was inspired by many of his life predicaments, especially during his army days when Selimi lost family, friends, and the identity he once knew and experienced things no teenager ever should.

As the war continued to spread across other parts of former Yugoslavia, his life was miraculously saved by his commander Grbovic Luka, who saw the deceit in the then Yugoslav army and government. With the help of his late mother, who followed her motherly instinct and borrowed money to buy him a one-way flight ticket to London, he found himself living homeless, feeling hopeless and worthless.

These early challenges set the scene for a remarkable transformation in his late teens, following through his twenties and the rest of his life. Tony used all that pained him to catalyze a profound change by awakening an inspired vision to use all he learned to help others overcome the obstacles that falsely stopped people from accomplishing their wildest dreams. As he states, "When you believe you are unworthy of being someone and then discover that you are, it awakens an insatiable appetite for growth, knowledge, wisdom, and service."
Having worked many jobs to put a roof over his head and pay for his education, in 1998, Selimi ended up graduating from one of the top universities in the UK, University College London (UCL). He led and managed multi-million-billion-pound technology programs in the private and public sectors for over fifteen years. In 2009, after facing another life-transforming crisis, redundancy, he decided to start his own business and pursue his heart's calling; to travel the world and teach others how to find the answers and solutions to life's obstacles, cope better with their daily business, leadership and personal demands and pressures.

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, he went from living homeless and impoverished to becoming an internationally recognized leader in personal development. He is a professional speaker, an award-winning author, filmmaker, millionaire's life strategist, and business coach specializing in human behavior, authentic leadership, and the psychology of peak performance, wealth, and success.

Tony specializes in assisting people in breaking through addictions, fears, self-deception, procrastination, phobias, mental imprisonment, and limiting beliefs to awaken their inner leader, maximize their human potential, and accomplish higher levels of achievement. Like a transparent mirror, he is known for his ability to see through people's problems, behaviors, language, thought patterns, values, unspoken communication, and disempowering beliefs. He uses these to help them rid themselves of lies that conceal their authentic individual that is powerful, truthful, and worthy.

Working in the corporate world, overcoming many personal and professional challenges, and coaching many people from all walks of life gives him unique insight into the magnitude of his client's pressures, challenges, and callings. After all, it includes Fortune 500 CEOs, Authors, Entrepreneurs, Managers, Consultants, Sales People, Scientists, Doctors, Royalty, Music, Film and TV stars, and Politicians, to name a few. Senior Executives of companies such as Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, SAP, Bank of America, Ignis Asset Management, Deutsche Bank, Ernst & Young, Santander, Vandercom, and Mishcon de Reya across EMEA, Asia, and the USA seek his help to address personal challenges and improve their business performance, grow their leaders, engage employees, and increase team performance, productivity, and profitability. He creates customized training and consulting to help businesses implement change programs, mental health, diversity and inclusion, and wellbeing strategies.

Tony helps people build the confidence, firm foundations, mindset, emotional resilience, and the plan needed to create truly unique and lasting spiritual and material transformations through proven processes.
Tony is a qualified coach recognized by several reputable institutions, including the International Coaching Federation (ICF), the Institution of Leadership and Management (ILM), the Demartini Institute, the Complementary Therapists Association, Martin Brofman's Foundation of Advanced Healers. He is also a certified Reiki Master Teacher.

As the beloved author of A Path to Wisdom, #Loneliness, Fit for Purpose Leadership #3, The Unfakeable Code® and A Path to Excellence, he crafted The Octagon of Excellence Method, Behavioral Change Principles® (BCP), and the TJSeMethod: ALARM®, as one of a kind modernized formulas for self-mastery, business and wealth-building, excellence and fulfillment. It has been hailed as the new self-improvement tool, containing the most potent principles to maximizing business, leadership, and personal potential known to humankind.

His self-mastery authenticity, integrity, values-based methods, principles, and strategies create the psychology and the mindset people need to make the life outcomes they intuitively know they deserve and want.
Globally, Tony travels to educate and inspire people with enlightening perspectives, humorous metaphors, client success, and a heart-illuminating personal transformation journey. He provides answers to questions and gives practical solutions to life's challenges through his one-to-one consultations, talks, workshops, corporate training, mastermind groups, Vital Planning for Elevated Living custom-made business self-mastery advanced learning retreat. He also writes inspirational articles for Newspapers and Magazines, as well as through regular contributions to diverse media outlets, high-profile blogs, TV programs, podcasts, YouTube Videos, Books (print, digital, audio, video), The Unfakeability Index Test, Life Fulfilment Oasis app, social media, masterclasses, webinars, Udemy courses and downloads of his TJS Evolutionary Meditation Solutions®.

He has spoken on grandiose stages such as the United Nations, Rotary International, the Cranfield School of Management, International Film Festivals, the London Business Show. His TEDx talk Technological Armageddon: A Wakeup Call watched by millions of people addresses the present and future challenges we will face and the opportunities we will create in the next one hundred to 1000 years with the rise of artificial intelligence.

His work also includes Films and Documentaries, such as the Multi-Award-Winning Living My Illusion on Amazon Prime, and has appeared on over 800 podcast, radio, and TV stations across the world, including interviews by Royal Correspondent Ian Pelham-Turner, Besim Dina on Oxygen TV, Top Channel Albania, by Jack Canfield and Brian Tracy in America and on SKY, ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX, reaching over 100 million viewers, listeners and readers worldwide.

Tony founded TJS Cognition Ltd with a heavenly vision to infiltrate his one-of-a-kind methods, principles, and teaching in business, leadership, government, education, and health care. In doing so, he aspires to inspire a decisive action in the lives of one billion people by 2030 and contribute to accomplishing the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals and the evolution of human consciousness.

He promotes the importance of listening to your heart's voice, having integrity, and living daily according to your authentic values in your personal, professional, and business life. And how excellence in leadership, entrepreneurship, self-mastery, and spiritual development can make a huge difference in shaping our modern world. According to him, it plays a vital role in our wellbeing, the future of work, healthcare, education, and governance. Tony loves researching and teaching topics that bridge science, business, wealth building, psychology, energy healing, wellbeing, time, space, miracles, and belief.

As a World Ambassador of Excellence, Equality, and Empowerment Positive Role Model, he uses his hard-earned fame and influence to promote the importance authenticity, coaching, dedication, education, integrity, mindfulness, and meditation have on our personal and professional lives, in our communities, family, society, country and universally.

Tony's global work and a mission to positively impact One Billion people's lives was recognized by The London S.M.E. Awards, selecting him as the winner of The Most Visionary Entrepreneur 2020 and global educator to watch.

No matter who you are or where you are from, this is your time to access your inner knowing, plan and transform your reality. Tony is known for assisting you in creating transformational business, professional and personal breakthroughs, leaving you with a sense of inner peace and feeling elevated, inspired, and priceless.
Professional Speaker Topics
1. The Secrets to Mental and Emotional Resilience, Achieving Goals, And Dreaming Big.
2. The Science of Business Transformation and Wealth Building.
3. The Unfakeable Code® - Take Back Control, Lead Authentically, and Live Freely On Your Terms.
4. The Magic Of Pitching, Winning, and Succeeding.
5. Transformational Habits: How To Get 1% Better Every Day.
6. How To Think for More of a Healthier and Happier Life.
7. What You Can Learn From Surviving a Civil War and Homelessness.
8. How to Stop Melting Under Pressure and Perform Better.
9. The Art of Attracting a Co-Loving Relationship
10. The Authenticity Advantage: Linking Objective Thinking To High Performance
11. Rewire Your Business for Sustainable Future.
12. Proven Steps to Growing a 7 Figure Purpose-Driven Business.
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Living Freely on Your Terms is Priceless.

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