George Marino
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Certified Mindfulness Meditation Teacher and Life Coach & CPA
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Beyond Balancing the Books: Sheer Mindfulness for Professionals in Work and Life
Book Description
CPA and Mindfulness Coach, George Marino takes you on a journey to discover what he calls the “3 B’s”—Beyond, Balancing, and Books. Building on the work of scientists, mystics, poets, artists, physicians, psychologists, business leaders, accountants, other professionals—and even the wisdom of trees, you will be introduced to:

● Powerful mindfulness exercises and everyday practices you can start doing today to reconnect with your true nature
● Ways to integrate your unique set of core values, and
● An accounting tool that really counts when it comes to creating a satisfying and balanced life

Beyond Balancing the Books asks empowering questions that may rattle your current perceptions and assumptions. Marino guides you to discover what being a mindful professional really means—and why it is important for finding deep meaning and purpose in your professional work and personal life.
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New York, New York
Author bio
George Marino is an accomplished CPA, entrepreneur, consultant, and advisor with more than thirty-five years of success across the accounting, financial services, hospital, healthcare, and professional training and coaching industries.

He is the founder and Certified Professional Coach for One Heart Coaching, LLC, A certified mindfulness meditation teacher and author of best-selling and award winning book- Beyond Balancing the Books.

George also serves as the founder, principal, and Certified Public Accountant for George V. Marino CPA, PC, where he provides accounting, personal tax services, planning, and consulting services .

For his own reinvigoration, he enjoys nature, poetry, fitness, prayer, writing, theater, and travel.

Professional Speaker Topics
Mindfulness in Business and Life , Conscious business and inner professional success,
Favorite Quote or Personal Motto

"If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is thank you, it will be enough". Meister Eckhart

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