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IMAGINE - What Your Mind Can Create
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The Universe and everything in it was created by Consciousness, Galaxies, Stars, Earth, You and your cat. You have the same Consciusness within you to create what ever you can IMAGINE!
This book will give you knowledge and understanding of how the Universe works in Consiousness. The dynamic laws of Divine Love provide you tools for expanding your Consciousness in concert with the laws of creation. Your life now and in the future is in your hands. You have free will to create the life you want.
Start Your Consciousness Journey now to have Love and Prosperity in your life. You create your life every moment of every day, only you can make the most of it.
Author bio
Author, Entrepreneur, Fortune Five Hundred Executive, Aerospace scientist, Astrophysics degree, US Navy veteran. Author of numerous publications on Metaphysics, Astrophysics, Business Management, and Information Technology Management.
Professional Speaker Topics
Metaphysics, Dreams, Past Life Memory, Near Death Experience, Soul's Purpose, Spiritual laws of Success
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