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My Purpose God's Plan
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As human beings our instinct is to have a roadmap for our lives, because we have goals and desires we want to achieve. Author Charron Walker reveals in My Purpose God’s Plan even though we have some control over our future, only God knows the outcome. “The purpose for my life was predestined before I was born. The ‘blueprint’ I had for my life was not what God had planned for me.”
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CEO/Founder of Young Survivors Network, Inc., a support program for women 40 and under who have been diagnosed with breast cancer and I am also a 21-year Breast Cancer Conqueror. I am a Published Author of my first book, My Purpose God’s Plan. I have 25 years first-hand experience as a professional in the Human Services field, having held a variety of counseling and management positions prior to creating my own organization. I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Community and Human Services from Empire State College and a Master’s Degree in Human Resource Development from Webster University.
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Live Life To The Fullest

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