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Writing has been a favorite pastime of mine for as long as I can remember. I started by writing a travel blog with an anthropological focus based on community studies. I then moved into volunteer work, putting together press kits for non-profits and writing pieces for local newspapers.

Since my humble beginning as a volunteer writer, I have gone on to write several books for my clients including motivational books, and how-to/guide books. I have also written articles on several topics including solar energy, sustainable travel, animal advocacy, and environmental issues. I have provided clients with business writing as well, such as press releases, company and founder bios, email templates, and sales pitches.

I have a background in business, sales, and marketing with a degree in management and a certificate in social entrepreneurship. I haven't stopped learning since graduating college and still attend workshops and adult classes in writing, ecology, and homesteading topics such as solar energy, food production, and animal husbandry. I also travel extensively and can write knowledgeably about RVing and backpacking.

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