Roslyn Franken - Author. Speaker. Survivor.
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Speaker. Author coaching.
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Meant to Be: A True Story of Might, Miracles and Triumph of the Human Spirit
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In MEANT TO BE, author Roslyn Franken reveals the unforgettable true story of her parents, John and Sonja Franken - two unlikely survivors of WWII. It is the awe-inspiring story of two teenagers held captive on opposite sides of the world during WWII who must survive unimaginable hardships to eventually meet, marry and make a beautiful life together despite, against all odds.

While John is captured at sea by the Japanese and must fight for his life as a prisoner of war, Sonja is taken by the Nazis to endure the horrors of Auschwitz and other Holocaust concentration camps. Remarkably, John survives the Nagasaki atomic bomb and miraculously, Sonja escapes death in the gas chambers on three separate occasions.

When Sonja is diagnosed with cancer and John suffers a massive heart attack, they triumph once again by calling on the same daring and determination that allowed them to survive the war.

When diagnosed with cancer at 29, as the daughter of these two heroic survivors, Roslyn turns to her parents’ strength as inspiration in her own fight to beat cancer and become a long-term survivor. She shares the life lessons she learned from her parents that people of all ages and backgrounds can learn from to help better their own lives and make our world a better place.
Additional Book Titles
The A List: 9 Guiding Principles for Healthy Eating and Positive Living
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Spring Hill, FL, USA
Author bio
Roslyn Franken is an internationally acclaimed author and speaker dedicated to educating and inspiring people with her books and author presentations. She is best known for her latest book entitled, Meant to Be, about her parents’ amazing survival and triumph over tragedy as Holocaust and atomic bomb survivors who meet, marry and make a beautiful life together against all odds.

As a professional speaker, Roslyn has taken her book from the page to the stage with presentations she delivers to diverse groups across North America and abroad.

Now she is taking her book, Meant to Be, from the stage to the screen with a feature film adaptation currently in development for production. She also coaches aspiring authors who are eager and ready to get their inspirational stories out of their head, onto the page, and out to the world, once and for all.
Professional Speaker Topics
Overcoming Adversity, Resiliency, Healthy Living, Strength of the Human Spirit
  • Meant to Be by Roslyn Franken

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