Joe Paranteau
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Sales training, consulting, keynote speaking
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Billion Dollar Sales Secrets: Superstar Selling Tips For All Seasons
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The Secret Playbook for Sales Success

"Billion Dollar Sales Secrets" is the catalyst for you to achieve top sales results. It is a sales playbook filled with tools, secrets, and strategies to help you reach your goals. Some call it the "little black book" of proven ways to speed up your selling results and a seller's bible.

It contains hundreds of timely tips to navigate today's challenging sales scenarios. It will inspire, inform, and empower you to build a foundation of sales basics without seeming "salesy."

Joe Paranteau is a sales expert. He has generated billions in sales and led 30K+ sales meetings. He wrote "Billion Dollar Sales Secrets" to get you on the inside track of business success. His sales secrets will help you make it happen and add value to all areas of your life. It's an empowering guidebook to selling and required reading for businesses
All this from an elite salesperson who generated over a BILLION dollars in revenue - in five years!

"Billion Dollar Sales Secrets" is a rare look into sales success, and it's NOT something you want to miss!
Joe will help you navigate your sales journey. Here's a taste of what you're about to discover:
✔Break down and address what's holding you back
✔Analyze and prepare for amazing customer engagements
✔Dominate your competition as you rewrite the rules for the new economy
✔Build a plan for your success that will enrich your life and your value
✔The basic human trait that will skyrocket your sales overnight once you adopt it. (It will improve customer relations and bring you massive returns fast.)
✔Three concrete ways to improve yourself RIGHT NOW! (Yes, you can put in place these anywhere at any time, and they will bring top performance.)
✔ How to GET THINGS DONE when you have no energy left. (This is how master salespeople amass wealth and power.)
✔ The most unpredictable aspect of your sale (and how to manage it and get unlimited referrals)
✔The 'people magnet' formula to turn strangers into customers. (You'll know exactly what to say and when to say it.)
✔ 'No B.S.' ways to put yourself in your customers' shoes, gain their trust and undivided attention, and their loyalty.
✔ What you say when you're not talking. (Overlooked aspects of sub-communications that are ruining your sales.)
✔ How to unleash the power of story-selling

And more…Make these secrets yours today.

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Joe Paranteau is a sales expert. He has generated billions in sales and led 30K+ sales meetings. Billion Dollar Sales Secrets is his first book. In it, he shares tips to educate and inspire everyone who wants to be a sales pro. It's the inside track on how to achieve success in your business and the secrets to making it happen.

Joe has more than 30 years of professional sales experience and is a sales leader at Microsoft. He is a sales coach, a keynote speaker, veteran, entrepreneur, and investor. Joe's MBA is in Entrepreneurship and Family Business and has a BA in Speech Communication. His indigenous roots combined with modern business acumen catalyze unique and valuable insights. His style is one-of-a-kind, and he delivers real-world value to his audiences

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