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My Daily Momentum Journal - 90-Day Journal for a Productive Life
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How do I get it done? How do I get there from here? Why aren’t I where I want to be?Momentum—daily momentum—is the secret. Use this journal to create and keep the momentum that leads to progress. Through simple daily reflections and monthly deeper explorations, internationally best-selling author and productivity expert Allie Pleiter shows you how to create the productive life you’ve been seeking. Your momentum is always up to you. If you need persistence, vision, or even just the willingness to do it all over again one more day, this journal is for you. If you want to transform your days into steps toward your goals, these pages get you there. Open this journal and begin charting your path to a productive, happy, and satisfying life…no matter what comes your way.The power of your momentum is waiting….
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How to WRITE When Everything Goes WRONG
The Chunky Method Handbook
Facing Every Mom's Fears
Becoming a Chief Home Officer
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Chicago IL area
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Bestselling international author Allie Pleiter honed her productivity skills in the world of popular fiction, where she still releases four books a year. Her well-known Chunky Method system trains writers of all kinds to formulate plans and meet deadlines in a way tailored to their unique working style. To date over 1.6 million Allie Pleiter books have been sold around the world. Allie holds a BS in Speech from Northwestern University.

Now, professionals in a variety of industries benefit from her unique momentum-based systems of time and task management. She runs an active coaching practice helping creative people be more productive. Already a national speaker among writing associations, Allie now extends her reach to entrepreneurs, speakers, academia, consultants, and anyone who needs to bolster their productivity and creativity in a demanding marketplace.
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  • The Chunky Method Handbook

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