Jo L.
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writing, editing
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Political Torture and Resiliency: One Man's Story
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A qualitative analysis of an individual's experience of politically-motivated torture. The focus is resiliency and the factors that kept this individual's spirit alive despite the humiliating torture and repercussions associated with it. Research about other forms of severe, prolonged trauma and the resulting psychological damage, as well as resilience, are discussed. Are there commonalities in the human response to trauma, and if so, what does this teach us about resiliency?
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Published individual poems
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Minneapolis, MN
Author bio
Writing is my passion. I began writing poetry in fourth grade. It has been a means of expressing and processing feelings, and well as a creative outlet. Many of my poems are personal and deal with issues I'm familiar with such as addiction and trauma. I hope others reading these poems might find validation, solace, or simply feel seen and heard. Other poems deal with social issues that I’m passionate about, including racism, misogyny, and politics. I also write about simple moments of beauty and pleasure, since I believe in striving for contentment instead of happiness. To me, contentment is about accepting what is in the moment, versus happiness, which I think of as seeking and grasping for something that will provide a temporary boost in mood. I feel content when I connect with a stranger through a smile, when we see each other. Or when I am in a walking meditation and my Grandmother, who died before I was born, visits me. Sometimes, breathing brings me contentment, when I settle into the rhythm and feel the texture; amazed at this simple task that happens without me making any effort.
I’m a holistic life, wellness, and spiritual coach, as well as a yoga and meditation teacher. Prior to this iteration of my career, I was a psychologist specializing in trauma with a very successful private practice for thirteen years. I utilize my clinical knowledge and experience to inform my coaching. I transitioned into my current role due to a desire to escape the limitations of bureaucracy and insurance, and my strong belief in the mind/body/spirit connection and its necessity in healing.
My business is called tula soul and my mission is to help women find balance, use their voice, and take up space.
Given my passion for social justice, I volunteer for which works for racial justice, abolition, and fashion activism. Check them out! In addition, I mentor young women.
Professional Speaker Topics
Body-Image and Eating Disorders; Creating Healthy Boundaries in Relationships; Healing from Trauma (women); Effective Communication skills for Couples; Integrating Mind/Body/Spirit; Exploring Spirituality; Mediation; Mindfulness; Letting go of Perfectionism; Anti-Racism
Favorite Quote or Personal Motto

"when I dare to be powerful- to use my strength in the service of my vision- then it becomes less and less important whether I'm afraid."   

- Audre Lorde

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