Michelle Waitzman
Services Offered
author, ghostwriter, plain language trainer, speaker
Most Recent Book Title
Psychic Animals: Superstition, Science and Extraordinary Tales
Book Description
Have you ever wondered how some dogs know when an earthquake is about to hit? Or how some cats know how to identify and soothe their owner's chronic pain? These abilities may seem inexplicable at first, but they can, in fact, be explained through science. Discover tales of dogs detecting cancer; cats who can alert their owners to incoming storms; animals who rescue people from fires; those that can 'predict' the future; as well as pets with profound powers of empathy who stay true to their owners beyond the grave.
Additional Book Titles
Moon: Living Abroad New Zealand
Sex in a Tent: A Wild Couple's Guide to Getting Naughty in Nature
Location (city/state/country)
Toronto, Canada
Author bio
I have always enjoyed writing, ever since I learned to string words together to tell a story. I also love to learn, so writing and ghostwriting non-fiction has given me a great excuse to learn more about a lot of subjects, people, and places.

I'm the author of three published non-fiction books. I love the way that writing a book allows me to thoroughly explore a topic and get readers excited about it. My books are on diverse subjects to say the least—outdoor romance, immigrating to New Zealand, and the science of animals' abilities. I've also written chapter-length biographies of award-winning computer scientists, ghostwritten blogs for international banking executives, and tackled other complex topics.

My home base is in Toronto, Canada, but I spent seven years living in beautiful Wellington, New Zealand. Living in another country was an excellent way to gain perspective. It has enabled me to see different points of view, and to realize that I can never make assumptions about what is “normal” or “common knowledge” to others. This has been a great help in my work.

I have two wonderful rescue dogs who supervise me at my home office. My interests include camping and hiking, cooking and baking, fitness and nutrition, and travel.
Professional Speaker Topics
Plain language, writing for spoken word.
Favorite Quote or Personal Motto

Writing is easy, you just cross out all the wrong words. (Attributed to Mark Twain)

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