Donna Chacko, MD, Author
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speaking, programs, blogs
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Pilgrimage: A Doctor's Healing Journey
Book Description
A prescriptive memoir in which the author shares what she learned during decades of practicing medicine and years in a difficult marriage. She tells her story and how she found health of body, mind, and spirit in order help others find the same.
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University Park, Maryland, USA
Author bio
Dr. Donna Chacko practiced radiation oncology and later family medicine. She and her first husband raised three daughters in Florida. After his death she moved to Washington, DC, where she cared for the poor until 2013. Now retired, Donna lives in Maryland with her second husband and works in the ministry she founded, Serenity and Health.
Professional Speaker Topics
What does faith have to do with health?
Three keys to being holy, happy, and healthy.
Two prayer practices that transformed my life and can transform yours.
Moving from medicine to ministry: Why I had no choice and what you can learn.
You have more power over your health than your doctor does.
Four steps to make asking for help easier...and more rewarding.
Favorite Quote or Personal Motto

To see a change, you have to make a change.

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  1. Donna Chacko

    Happy to be a new member and I look forward to interacting with others. Donna


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