Jan Carroza
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Instructor: DMAnc.org
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Rockin' ROI: How to Bootstrap Ecommerce with Performance-based Marketing
Book Description
For startups and beginners, my book is based on 40+ years in marketing, focusing on increased media budgets that dovetail as each additional medium returns the investment. From couponing to toll-free numbers and today's 24/7 digital reporting, it's critical to track and analyze results.

My book provides tools and templates to prepare a Mission, Vision and Values statement, compare competitor statistics, determine a marketing budget, track sales benchmarks, content and image inventories and more. All templates were created and used with my clients and my own business.

The book is in paperback on Amazon and in bookstores, on Kindle and other ereaders and as a PDF on Etsy (my favorite format).

I provide a ton of tips and trends in marketing on my site: https://dmcenter.com, including videos and posts about the various templates.
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Amazon Page
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Seattle, WA, US
Professional Speaker Topics
marketing, affiliate marketing
Favorite Quote or Personal Motto

Talk is cheap (entertain all comers).

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