Tamara Simmons
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The Funding Guide for Children with Disabilities
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The Funding Guide for Children with Disabilities includes over 200 funding sources, checklists, and my step-by-step process for finding funding for assistive technology and services. Using The Funding Guide, families, parents and caregivers of all backgrounds will be able to work through the funding process quickly and easily to help improve the quality of their child’s life.
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St. Charles Il 60175
Author bio
The story behind The Funding Guide for Children with Disabilities starts with a young man named Jacob and his father, my brother Hal. Jacob is my nephew, one of triplets born very premature and weighing only 2 pounds. Jacob, now 22 years old has Cerebral Palsy.

At the age of 10 Jacob was to begin 3 rounds of hyperbaric treatments until his insurance unexpectedly denied paying for the treatments at a cost of over $12,000.

This is when I discovered there was so much money out there that could help Jacob. I was able to find the funding for all of his treatments without asking for money from anyone in our family.

Jacob’s story inspired my mission to begin helping as many families as I possibly could in their need to find funding. Most families of children with disabilities just can’t afford the treatment and technology their child needs to live the best life possible, and what most of these families don’t know is that there are hundreds of different ways to get free money in funding for their child.

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It is Ok to ask for help !

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