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What The Hell Are They Thinking?: The 100 debates that govern your life, written in a way that tells both sides of every story
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How well are you keeping up with the hottest topics in our world today?

Should we legalize marijuana?
Are the Kardashians good or bad for feminism?
Is happiness a choice?
Is Federer the best tennis player of all time?
Should we raise taxes on the rich?
Are vaccines safe for kids?
Is there life after death?

What the Hell are They Thinking features 100 hotly debated topics that govern your life and covers politics and government, economics, popular culture, sports, health, religion, and more!

Constructed using a unique psychological writing methodology designed to open minds by reducing media biases, echo chambers, and filter bubbles, What the Hell are They Thinking offers a uniquely approachable and user-friendly way for busy, yet open-minded individuals to get a more complete understanding of what’s being discussed in our world today.

What the Hell are They Thinking is the first book from multi-award-winning website The Perspective and is a collection of site's most popular, most engaged with “Big Debates” -- with 30 new ones added exclusively for the book’s release.

The Perspective has won several accolades including:

Editors and Publishers Eppy Award for Best Innovation Project

Highly Commended Finalist of The Drum Award for Best Editorial Innovation

WebAward: News category

Stop relying on other people or media outlets for your information, and instead educate yourself on both sides of every argument with What the Hell are They Thinking.
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A veteran of the content, marketing, and innovation worlds, Daniel Ravner is the Founder and CEO of the multi-award-winning The Perspective and RAVNER (International marketing for startups agency). His Former roles include being Head of Digital at Armoza Formats, VP content at The Box and creative director of Screenz. His Workshops and presentations on digital culture, polarization, and marketing were held globally for organizations ranging from Columbia University to Google. Daniel won the prestigious fellowship for the Entertainment Master Class and was featured in the Globes ‘40 under 40’ list.
Professional Speaker Topics
- The Perspective and the Science of Opening Minds
- Applying Psychology to B2B Marketing

The Perspective and the Science of Opening Minds
Using The Perspective's origin story as a backdrop, this presentation discusses the phenomenon of filter bubbles and society’s increasing polarization. We explore the reasons people hold on to their opinions the way they do and then introduce five practical ways one can use to open people's minds to opinions different from their own. The principles are displayed in action as they relate to the digital product that is the site.

Applying Psychology to B2B Marketing
There are two reasons for a person to do anything: the good reason and the real reason. In the space between lies behavioral science, which aims to explain the motives and mechanisms that are at the base of our ‘irrational’ human behavior. Behavioral economics is also what lies at the heart of The Perspective - our award-winning start-up’s methodology. This presentation provides insights into human behavior, the research that led to those insights, and how to apply them to marketing. We will focus on six clear principles that you can easily implement and share as examples of how we used them ourselves in our client’s marketing efforts. Learn more
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we don't see things as they are, we see them as we are - Anais Nin

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