Shoshana Kobrin, MA, LMFT
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Do No Harm: Transforming Addictions
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Do No Harm: Transforming Addictions is for people trapped in an addiction-- and for those that love them. It’s also geared for people in the helping professions. It covers all the major addictions, including internet addiction—which has now reached epidemic proportions.

Many books on addictions deal only with the symptoms. Do No Harm explores the underlying causes, aiming at a lasting recovery. Kobrin’s approach is holistic and comprehensive. “Addictions are an unconscious effort to survive a lack of meaning and purpose,” she explains. “When we’re lost in what I call ‘The Dark Spiral,’ we feel mundane and useless. The antidote for the Dark Spiral is ‘The Satisfied Soul’—positive connections with self and all aspects of life.” Do No Harm gives permission to step into rich, joyful and prosperous living. Readers may expect a transformation as they savor this book.
Additional Book Titles
The Satisfied Soul Daily Guidebook: Your Path to Fulfillment
A journaling workbook: achieving objectives and realizing dreams.

The Satisfied Soul: Transforming Your Food and
Weight Worries
A resource for people dealing with food and weight concerns and professionals who help them.

Love, Anger, Power—and Food! A GuideBook for Women
This user-friendly work book for finding peace and satisfaction with food and weight.
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Walnut Creek, CA, USA
Author bio
Shoshana Kobrin, MA, LMFT was born in Johannesburg, South Africa, where she After obtaining a masters degree in literature, she pioneered a multi-cultural communications program during apartheid. Interest in multi-cultural group dynamics led her to a masters degree in psychology.

For 32 years, she has been teaching, training, public speaking and facilitating workshops and retreats professionally and in the community. Her work focuses on food and weight issues, addictions, hypnotherapy, Reiki, and writing and art therapy.

She is a holistic psychotherapist and hypnotherapist. Also a Reiki Master teacher and practitioner, she treats both people and their pets.

She presents at San Damiano Retreat, at John F. Kennedy University Continuing Education Program and Emeritus Program, provides continuing education for therapists and nurses, and leads an on-going creative writing workshop. She volunteers at Walnut Creek’s Unity Center—a resource for the homeless.
Professional Speaker Topics
The Healing Pen – writing for self-transformation
A Voice from Apartheid: Nadine Gordimer
A Sense of Place: A Sense of Place – John Steinbeck and Willa Cather
Love, anger, power – and food!
The psychology of obesity
Is obesity an eating disorder?
Eating disorders, societal patterns, and family dynamics
Does dieting do you in?
The “Skinny” on emotional eating
Is food your enemy – and your best friend?
NoBody is perfect
Love, anger, power – and food!
Writing your way to your right weight
You cannot be too thin or too rich: The media and women’s bodies
Genetic predispositions to addictions
Eating disorders, inner emptiness, and the power of connection
Dissociation and eating disorders
Is it or is it not an eating disorder? A comprehensive guide
Preventing addictions, eating disorders or overweight in a child or student
The epidemic of overweight
Transforming eating disorders and addictions through mindfulness and meditation
The body speaks: the symbolic language of eating disorders
The use of myth, metaphor, and image in resolving eating disorders
The addictive brain: the brain and the reward system in addictions
The medical model versus the harm reduction model in resolving addictions
A holistic model for eating disorders and addictions
The prosperity principle– connection as key in the treatment of emotional problems
Denial and the progression of an addiction
Comorbidity – the interaction between the addiction and psychiatric disorders
Types of addictions and eating disorders
Favorite Quote or Personal Motto

Live as if you were to die tomorrow
learn as if you would live forever - Ghandi

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