Barbara McNichol
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Word Trippers: How to Choose the Perfect Word When It Really Matters
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This easy-to-understand word choice guide provides a greater grasp of our language. When two words seem similar, Word Trippers not only gets people to select the proper one; it helps them understand the different nuances of meaning.

Then, as they’re recognized for their ability to communicate accurately, they move up a notch in the eyes of others—and feel more confident in the process.

"There are so many times when the exact meaning or connotation of a word is critical to deliver the message and not deliver confusion. I use the Word Trippers book at least once or twice during the writing of a story." - John Wolf, author

"Word Trippers gives you an easy-to-search tripper-tracking source for selecting the perfect word when it matters most. A considerable work; this is a good collection with clear explanations." - Joseph Harris, writer
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Tucson Arizona USA
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Barbara McNichol is passionately committed to the category of nonfiction books, helping authors achieve accuracy and artistry with clarity and persuasiveness.

Barbara is the creator of Word Trippers, a word choice guide available at She also produces word Tripper of the Week and Add Power to Your Pen, valuable ezines for tips on improving your writing.

Barbara offers a writing WordShop called How to STRENGTHEN Everything You Write. She presents this program to authors, business, and speakers groups to help writers avoid blunders that COST! Highly fun and interactive. Extremely valuable.
Professional Speaker Topics
How to STRENGTHEN Everything You Write - a fun, hands-on, interactive WordShop
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"Is What I Say What I Intend to Convey?" - motto for my WordShop and everything I send out!!

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