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35 Miles From Shore: The Ditching and Rescue of ALM Flight 980
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On May 2, 1970, a DC-9 jet departed New York’s JFK international airport en route to the tropical island of St. Maarten. The flight ended four hours and thirty-four minutes later in the shark-infested waters of the Caribbean. The subsequent rescue of survivors involved the Coast Guard, Navy, and Marines. In this gripping account of that fateful day, author Emilio Corsetti puts the reader inside the cabin, the cockpit, and the rescue helicopters as the crews struggle against the weather to rescue the survivors who have only their life vests and a lone escape chute to keep them afloat.
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Spiral: The Hoot Gibson Story and The Mystery of TWA 841 (Release date not yet set)
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Wylie, Texas
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Emilio Corsetti III is a professional pilot and author. His work has appeared in both regional and national publications including the Chicago Tribune, Multimedia Producer, and Professional Pilot magazine. Emilio is the author of the book 35 Miles From Shore: The Ditching and Rescue of ALM Flight 980. Emilio is a graduate of St. Louis University Parks College of Aviation. He and his wife Lynn reside in Wylie, Texas.
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Aviation accident Investigations
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