Sherrie-Rita Marshall
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Invisible Chains
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Nonfiction-A look at the deceptive practices of the Democrat Party and how it has misused and abused the black constituency as well as other uninformed voters/
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One Heartbeat Away
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Coral Springs, Florida; USA
Author bio
Sherrie Marshall graduated with a BA in Speech Theatre and English. She earned her Masters in Instructional Techbology from Jones International University. She currently teaches English in the secondary schools and is a playwright , author and Speaker.
Sherrie-Rita, lovingly called Sherita, lives with her husband, Rev. Hayden C. Marshall. She states that her work in ministry alongside him is both rewarding and demanding, but her gifts make room for her.

She has written several plays, which she has produced and directed for the stage, and has also received numerous accolades for her talents as an inspirational speaker, story teller, performing artist, and for her one woman
show performances. Students, teachers and audiences have benefited from her work-shops and performances.

In her latest book, INVISIBLE CHAINS: Anchored To A Lie, Sherrie-Rita Marshall reveals why the Democrat party has been successful in maintaining its stronghold on the black vote as well as other voters. She articulates with first hand objectivity, personal narrative and historical facts, the Democrat party's agenda and identifies some of the deceptive practices and strategies they have used to secure their position as the party of choice for Blacks.
Professional Speaker Topics
Conquer Communication Skills - 90 minutes

(business; career transition; educational/informational;
personal development; public speaking):

This seminar provides helpful tips on how you can
conquer the essential areas of nerves, speech
organization and delivery for preparation and
deliverance of a powerful speech.

Sherrie Marshall Enterprises offers a wide range of presentations. Below is a list of presentations and programs presently offered for Corporate, Education and Religious organizations; however, a presentation can be uniquely designed to fit your specific need/s.

The Power of Accountability

This power packed presentation addresses personal
accountability, job performance, and holding others
to the accountability standard.
nspired To Move

The biggest roadblocks for most people are their
perceptions of their own abilities and limitations.
This program exposes these barriers and helps
individuals and organizations blast through them,
using the extraordinary power of optimism and vision.

Developing an exceptional attitude is like
building strength. It requires practice and commitment.
A compelling vision takes you from inspiration to
motivation to action.

You will Learn to:

●Respond positively to negative situations
●Focus intensely on your exceptional talents
and abilities

●See adversity as a springboard to new levels
of achievement
● Learn the power of wi

Empowerment for Youth-90- minutes:
(educational/informational; humorous/entertaining;
inspirational; motivation/achievement; personal development)
The time is now for the youth of today to step out and do
extraordinary things. But how can they reach their full potential
when they don't think highly of themselves or their abilities?
This seminar will help them to increase their self-esteem and
develop self-values that will lead to their personal success.

Goal-setting for Teens - 90-minutes
This presentation is not only educational, but also inspirational
and entertaining while addressing student achievement and
personal development. Students willbe taught how to articulate
goals and identify ways of accomplishing those goals;
finally they will learn how to create a plan of action.

Stepping Out (Empowering Youth) – 90-minutes
Because of low self esteem, many students don’t believe they
can achieve beyond a certain level, but within them is that hot
button just waiting to be pushed. The speaker pushes that button
in an informative and entertaining manner and gives ideas that
will lead to success.

Story telling for all ages-60- minutes
These one-woman dramatic show performances include many
literary genres from ancient literature to modern day.
Here are just a few of the offerings:

Multicultural story telling Great Women in History
Black History Presentation Poetry
And more. This program can be developed to meet your
unique specifications.

Acting Troupe Theatrical Performance-60 minutes
Sherrie Marshall Productions presents theatrical performances
that will keep students and teachers riveted.

You Are What You Say

Do you know that what comes out of your mouth can change the course of your life? Sherrie-Rita examines the powerful influence of the spoken word in our lives. She challenges you to recognize your own capacity to increase the potential of others as well as yourself through your words. You don’t want to miss this mind transforming experience! (Time required: 30-45 mins.); keynote, or banquet speech)

The Power of Accountability

This power packed presentation addresses personal accountability, job performance, and holding others accountable. You will learn the pitfalls to avoid in holding others to the accountability standard.

We Are Accountable To God

Whether it is the boss at work or a personal friend, we need to be accountable to someone. We all need someone to encourage us and to warn us when necessary. Being accountable is a positive that enhances our lives by providing encouragement, wise counsel and even rebuke. Our ultimate accountability is to God. Are you accountable to anyone? Sherrie- Rita encourages you to let accountability regulate your life. (Time: 30 to 45 minutes. (Keynote or banquet speech)


Sherrie Rita brings her strong commitment to the institution of marriage to this presentation. She identifies Forgiveness, Reconciliation, Commitment, and Faith as the tools to staying grounded in your relationship with your spouse. (Time 1 to 2 hrs. or a half day.)

I Can Do All Things Through Christ (Being the best you can be)
This presentation emphasizes the message of being responsible and the importance of havinga dream, setting specific goals and overcoming obstacles. Participants will be moved to participate more fully in life, love more dream bigger dreams, replace blaming and complaining with responsibility and action, and persevere in the face of fear, obstacles and setbacks. Attendees will leave with the important message that defining one's visionis 90% of the battle - and that believing one can is the only difference between dreaming a dream and living it.

Success Is An Action Word

In this Inspiring presentation, Ms. Marshall sends the message: It’s not what we have, but what we do with what we do have that is the real measure of success. It is a message of faith and obedience to God

Are You Accountable?

This presentation puts the emphasis on accountability.
“God has made us accountable both to Him and to others for our personal welfare and development.”

“As Iron Sharpens Iron”: Passing the Accountability Test?

Your work place can and should be a platform for your Christian faith.
Learn how! Jesus said: Let your light so shine before men, that they maysee your good works and glorify your Father in heaven”. Tell me, can you think of any place where our light has the opportunity to shine sobrightly or so long as it does on our jobs? Discover how Christians can impact lives in the workforce.

Strategies for effecting Professional and Personal Change


In this presentation, Sherrie-Rita gives an inspirational challenge to become "more" as a person in all areas of your life. She teaches personal and business excellence from a biblical perspective. (Time: 1 to 2 hrs.)

Dramatic Performances



Great Women Of The Bible

This is a one-woman performance dramatization focusing on one of the women of the bible.

Mary, the mother of Jesus

Woman with the Issue of Blood


One Heartbeat Away (60-90 minutes)
Favorite Quote or Personal Motto

"Pretty is as Pretty does"

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