Tamiza Z. Teja
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The Puzzle Buffet
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Featuring over 1,600 food and culinary terms from around the world - these puzzles may help you better understand a menu, help you while shopping at a local market, or discover new ingredients, dishes, and drinks that you want to try!

The Puzzle Buffet Foodie-Themed Puzzle and Activity Book has
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Culinary Tasting Adventures: Tips for a Successful Tasting Tour and Journal to Keep Notes
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San Pedro, CA, USA
Author bio
Quite honestly, Tamiza loves to eat. But she also loves to learn about people, their cultures, and how food fits into and influences their history and societies.

She has a bachelor’s degree in dietetics and food administration, and had working experience in a bakery, in catering, and as a pastry chef before opening her own bakery and foodie-themed gift shop. She now takes her experience and interest in food to create foodie-themed publications.

She has a wonderful husband and two demanding cats (they all love to eat, too).
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