Adam Miles

Adam Miles
Adam Miles
We Are One
Not a lot of good news comes out of Nigeria, Africa’s most populated country. But in March 2014 thirteen young American women bravely went to this troubled country to connect with and serve hundreds of kids through their mutual love of soccer.
The girls experienced so much during their week in Nigeria that changed their lives. This fun-to-read book contains the girls’ own words about the trip and are complemented by nearly 100 amazing photos of the journey. At a time in our country, and really the world, where there is so much conflict over what makes us different (color, gender, religion, etc.) be inspired as you witness these young girls, all white Christians from Utah, open their eyes and hearts to an entirely different world and experience their joy as they make fast friends with the Nigerian youth. We Are One is the start of the story of Save-A-Thon For Africa, an ongoing effort to bring life-changing opportunities to thousands of Nigerian kids who recognize their power as student-athletes to take control of their lives and make the most of them. A portion of the sales of the book will go to funding Save-A-Thon For Africa.
As an experienced Wall Street advisor I have been serving venture capitalists, corporations, and high net worth individuals for years. I have worked for Deutsche Bank Securities, Jefferies & Company, Robertson Stephens, and Charles Schwab. Prior to my career as a financial professional I worked for Honda Motor Co. in various capacities including new model cost control and government relations.

I am the founder and CEO of the humanitarian start-up, Bridges To America, Inc. The mission of Bridges is two-fold:
1) legally reunite financially needy African families to the USA, and
2) empower young American women by arranging visits to Africa to provide motivation, resources, and ideas to enable African youth to solve their own problems and inspire them to take ownership of their futures.

I have lived numerous years outside the USA on several expatriate assignments, am fluent in spoken and written Japanese, and love my home base of Park City, Utah. I am happily married with four great children. Over the past decade Africa has become a source of focus and commitment for my family and we are now actively engaged in launching an ambitious effort to build a soccer academy in Nigeria, which includes ongoing soccer clinics called Save-A-Thon For Africa.
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In Africa, it takes SO little to do SO much!