Thomas James
Services Offered
Legal (attorney); copyright registration and representation, trademark registration and representation; other legal services)
Most Recent Book Title
E-Commerce Law: The Legal Compliance Handbook for Online Businesses
Book Description
Comprehensive guide to the law applicable to e-commerce business. 828 pages with Index and Table of Statutes and Cases.
Additional Book Titles
Website law
The History of Custody Law
Amazon Page
Location (city/state/country)
Cokato, Minnesota, USA
Author bio
Thomas B James lawyer (less formally, Thomas James) is an attorney at the Law Office of Tom James in Cokato, Minnesota who focuses on copyright and trademark law for small businesses and nonprofit organizations. He also handles appeals in the U.S. TTAB, Minnesota, the Federal and 8th Circuit Courts of Appeals, and the U.S. Supreme Court.
Cokato attorney Thomas James is the founder/director of Echion CLE, a nonprofit organization that provides continuing legal education to attorneys and other legal professionals. He is also an instructor there.
Thomas James Cokato attorney is the author of several books and law review articles.
In his spare time, Cokato lawyer Tom James likes to hike, camp, and (when not injured) run.
Professional Speaker Topics
copyright law
trademark law
business law
e-commerce l aw
business law
elimination of bias
Favorite Quote or Personal Motto

"The law is a jealous mistress." Hon. Joseph Story, as heard by Cokato attorney Thomas James


  1. SuSan James

    Did you used to be a family law attorney? I saw a book about the history of custody law written by an attorney named tom james. Wondering if you’re one and the same.

  2. Tom James

    Yes, I did. I stopped practicing family law years ago, though.

  3. Tom James

    I don’t know where your comment went, Susan, but yes, I did practice family law at one time, years ago.


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