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1/2 Minute Meditations Anyone Can do Anywhere
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Coming Soon - Release Date - April 7, 2015

1/2 Minute Meditations is a simple guide that brings meditation into everyday life for those who want to improve their lives - but are short on time.

The main obstacle to meditation is knowing where to start. 1/2 Minute Meditations groups practices so you can easily determine the right practice for you and your situation. You'll also learn to avoid practices that do more harm than good.

1/2 Minute Meditations will show you which practices:
- calm your emotions and reduce stress
- Cultivate intuition and spark creativity
- Develop focus and increase productivity

You can take back control of the life you are meant to live. 1/2 Minute Meditations can improve brain performance. You can rid yourself of overwhelming emotions and negative mind chatter.

No mat or guru required.
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Jesus' Wedding
Author bio
Mischa V Alyea is a jack-of-all-trades
and a full-blown tree hugger. She
loves all things ecological and
environmental. Her dream is to go
solar for the majority of her electrical
needs and own a plug-in electric car.
She has done everything from developing
an inventing workshop as the elementary
science fair coordinator to directing Day
Camp for 300 girls to refinishing the floors
in her home. She is an accomplished
seamstress, cake decorator, and cat herder.
Mischa was introduced to meditation in 1998.
With three children, multiple volunteer
positions, and most recently two family
weddings she does not know how she could
have survived such a diverse chaotic life
without meditation. She makes time everyday
to meditate.
Now that the children are grown and settled
in their own lives, Mischa is writing and
publishing books on meditation and integrated
spiritual philosophy.
She lives in Kansas City with her husband, Tom,
and Sushi, the infamous House Monster.
Favorite Quote or Personal Motto

The spiritual road runs both ways.

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