Grant Tait
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How to become a no-decision manager
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A humorous look a managers who never make decisions and how to work having fun with them
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Grant is author of the book’ How to become a no-decision manager,’ a humorous look at how to work, and still have fun, with managers who never make decisions.
He is a qualified chartered accountant, ICAEW with an MBA from INSEAD in France.

His career included more than 25 years managing teams in Europe in multinational corporations whose headquarters were in USA, Italy, Switzerland and Japan and before that, he was an accountant in various professional firms in the UK and Europe. He has also been involved in three start-ups, and worked as a consultant and transition manager.

Grant also writes on Medium and has a blog on no-decision managers:
He has a second blog making fun of accountants: https://boring

He has also written humorous articles about life in multinationals, anonymously or as Grant Petrie to protect his employment. They were published in various professional magazines such as Management Today, Personnel Journal and Management Accounting.
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