Fawzia Mai Tung
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Mirror in the Sand
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Memoir: A young Chinese girl discovers the beauties and the beasts of Jordan as she comes of age in the 1970s and early '80s as a diplomat's daughter, journalist, medical student and finally a resident in psychiatry.
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The Wonderful Tale of Donkey Skin
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Mesa, Arizona, USA
Author bio
Fawzia Tai-chi Mai Tung, a retired psychiatrist, journalist, and educator, was born in Taiwan in 1957 but followed her diplomat father across the globe in her childhood and youth, thus attending 13 schools in five countries and four languages before graduating from the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Jordan.
Her work in psychiatry in Jordan and Saudi Arabia marked her so deeply that she burned out and quit the profession. Turning to her Islamic religion, she sought and married a kindred soul, and gave birth to seven children. Her new role as a mother launched her onto a quest for the optimal style of education, resulting first in homeschooling, then eventually founding a number of innovative schools in Saudi Arabia and the US.
Fawzia has written since her childhood but first published freelance articles during her work as a proofreader for the Jordan Times in her college years. This led to a lifelong passion for writing and publication in various newspapers and periodicals in Jordan, the UK, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan and the US.
After her husband’s sudden death, Fawzia closed her last school and turned to consulting jobs and writing in order to be able to stay home and provide stability and care to her remaining children and mother-in-law. She has self-published the first of a series of middle grade picture book, The Wonderful Tale of Donkey Skin and completed the manuscript of the first in her memoir series: Mirror in the Sand.
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Travel, mental health, gardening, parenting, education, innovation in education, gifted education, homeschooling
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