David Cravit
Most Recent Book Title
Beyond Age Rage
Book Description
The war of the generations - and how Boomers and Seniors are solving it
Additional Book Titles
The New Old - How the Boomers are changing everything...again
Location (city/state/country)
Toronto, Canada
Author bio
Marketing executive, author, public speaker, I have an established profile and track record in marketing communications with a particular focus on the "reinvention of aging." I'm the author of two previous books on the subject, as well as having ongoing role as an executive at ZoomerMedia, the only media company in Canada specializing in covering the “older” market. I am also a member of the Board of C.A.R.P., the largest and most influential association advocating for the rights and interests of Canadians as they age (equivalent to AARP).
His previous books are: The New Old, which described how the Baby Boomers are reinventing aging, and Beyond Age Rage, which examined the so-called “war of the generations” and outlined how it is already being solved by the (much-maligned) “older” generations.
I appear frequently on radio and TV as a respected commentator on aging and all the new trends and developments leading to a complete “reinvention” of what it means to be “older.” I have presented his findings to brand managers of major corporations such companies as Coca-Cola, General Mills and Diageo, and have spoken at professional conferences such as Nielsen 360.

Professional Speaker Topics
Marketing to Baby Boomers and seniors, the reinvention of aging, the unrecognized power of the "older" market, the end of retirement as we know it, how to get older without getting old,

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