Marijke McCandless (also pen name: Mariah McKenzie)
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speaker, workshop leader, Write Now Mind
Most Recent Book Title
More...Journey to mystical union through the sacred and the profane
Book Description
Have you ever wanted more?...Not more stuff...or success...or fame...but more intimacy, more connection, more mystery, more awe. When Mariah McKenzie finds her husband and her best friend in bed together, she is launched on a forbidding and transcendent journey. Reeling from a life turned upside down, Mariah and her husband Jake don't separate, but resolve to search together for a deeper connection--for more.

"More is just as the title promises. It is much more than a journey of a woman and man finding healing through sexual intimacy, orgasmic pleasure and sensual adventure, all of which it includes. It is the journey of a human spirit moving to inner peacewith herself so she can find divine union with another. It is more than a self-help book. MORE is a book of transcendence that speaks to all people as we attempt to rise above our fears and traumas to our higher selves."
~Asra Q. Nomani is a former Wall Street Journal reporter and the author of Tantrika: Traveling the Road of Divine Love.
Additional Book Titles
Shaking the Tree: Brazen. Short. Memoir. Volumes 1, 2, and 3.
(Anthologies of award-winning personal essays, edited by Marni Freedman and Tracy J. Jones.)
Author bio
Marijke McCandless is an author, communication specialist, and long-time awareness practitioner dedicated to living life imperfectly but with great delight. Her recipe? Listen. Play. Write. She leads a popular online writing practice called Write Now Mind, and offers immersion experience playshops in meditation, writing, and enlivenment. She a small independent press, Wolfheart Press, dedicated to helping self-published authors make a professional splash.
She is the author of the multiple award-winning book, More…Journey to mystical union through the sacred and the profane, and has contributed to several award-winning anthologies. Her travel and personal essays have appeared in internationally recognized magazines and newspapers such as Woman’s Day, Family Fun, Kindred Spirit Magazine, New Spirit Journal, and Seattle Times.
She graduated Summa Cum Laude from UCLA and has successfully run several of her own businesses in both the legal and telecommunication industries. She served as the President of the Alpine Writers Guild for two years and is a founding member of the San Diego Memoir Writers Association.
She is known for her playful attitude, tenacious spirit and adventurous soul. She has been married to her beloved for 36 years and together they raised two amazing girls. She has traveled far and wide, loves to tell stories, go on silent retreat, and cook. At 53 she took up rock climbing with a passion and you can often find her and her husband on the road in their self-converted Sprinter camping van, meeting up with their kids at various rock climbing crags.
Professional Speaker Topics
Overcoming writer's block
Authentic writing
Awareness and writing practice
Sensory awakening
The joys and perils of writing anonymously
Memoir writing
Write Now Mind
Juicy practices for getting present
Publishing - an overview of the options
Editing - an overview of the different types of editors
Writing your way home.
Favorite Quote or Personal Motto

Befriend yourself.
Be kind to others.
Say Yes! to life.
Cultivate Write Now Mind

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