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THE KEY TO A SUSTAINABLE AND RENEWED FUTURE-“To Make All The Tomorrows Better Than All The Yesterdays”. Because actions speak louder than words, it’s time to stop talking about what the world needs and time to start building the solutions we do need. Both inspirational and thought-provoking, “TRANSFORMING A WORLD IN CRISIS” examines the role that human nature plays in context of a world in crisis. This challenging book reflects on the overwhelming need to refocus on what really matters. And it is the Planet which must be nurtured because it gives us life, and it is the People who must be cultivated because they make the world what it is. In just 62 pages, the book proceeds to develop an Action Plan outlining specific measures to deal with today’s critical global challenges and demonstrates a path going forward that will achieve a permanent sustainable and renewed future for all People and all Nations. And by doing so, we can repair our planet, stabilize the world's economies, improve international relations, and enrich the lives of all the people. “TRANSFORMING A WORLD IN CRISIS”, a book whose subject is being talked about by everyone, has already been mailed to the G-7, Paris Peace Conference and the UN, and is now available to the People and the COP26. For the academicians: included is a mathematical formula which illustrates the path to permanent sustainable and renewed future.
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Mr. Kolber continues to be an active advocate for systemic change both globally and nationally through social media and his writings. He has a broad range of education and experience in areas such as Business Management, Information Technology, Finance, Philosophy, Mathematics, Logic and Non-fiction writing. Author at Page Publishing Inc. "The Way Forward To A New Global Economy"-A Socio-Political-Economic Commentary. Current Owner/President at REAL WORDS LLC News and Publishing. Author of "Transforming A World In Crisis". Former President of Premier I.T. Services Inc., Feature journalist for I.T. magazines, Lecturer, and Speaker. He holds a BBA, MBA, Industry Awards, and Professional Certificates.
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Business/Technology Seminars.
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"be yourself; everyone else is already taken"___Oscar Wilde

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