Kim Brittenham, Bold Woman Edits
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Developmental Editing for Non Fiction
Most Recent Book Title
I'm Able: An African Woman's Advice for Disability Change Makers
Book Description
I’m Able: An African Woman’s Advice for Disability Change Makers by Dr. Sefakor Komabu-Pomeyie was written for the current generation of students with disabilities, their champions and teachers.

Being solution-focused, the author employs strategies for organizing students and engaging school leaders, while focusing on policies and practices to achieve and sustain system’s change.
Location (city/state/country)
Charlotte NC USA
Author bio
Freelance Editor

Supporting writers in sharing accessible information & stories

Focused on dismantling systems of oppression in schools, prisons and community

Advocating for civil rights laws and accessibility in programs, services and facilities for people with disabilities

Experienced in policy development and implementation. Trained on ADA Title I, II & III, effective communication, program and facility access assessments, victim support and violence-response. Experienced with a municipal, state and federal funded programs [HUD CDBG, DOJ OVW, Dept of Education's NIDILRR]

Skilled with content and program management. Developmental editing for books and publications. Multi-media content production since 1997 including user-generated web content, moderated forums, managing writing teams, live coverage sporting events and documentary film

Interested in women leading in work, play and every damn place

Committed to raising up Black, Brown, Asian & Indigenous Women of Color in every space
Professional Speaker Topics
ADA Technical Assistance
Favorite Quote or Personal Motto

"We do this until we free us." Mariame Kaba

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