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Enjoy Your Solo How to be Great at Being Single
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Are you ready to be great at being single?

So many forces propel you toward being in a couple, but it is truly expected that you will have times without a romantic partner. This is the solo. It’s your opportunity to learn to know yourself and build a life exactly suited to YOU!

This is a how to be single and happy book inviting you to learn to be happy alone.

This Solo guide will help you find
• How to learn to know yourself enabling you to create a full solo life
• Upbeat and positive ways to view the upsides and downsides of being single
• Practical and actionable advice you can use immediately

Warning: there is no dating advice here. You are fifty percent of your next relationship, but you are one hundred percent of the relationship with yourself for the rest of your life so read this book and … ENJOY YOUR SOLO

Specific topics include
• Advice on going out and staying in by yourself
• Strategies for handling your emotions, free time, and social situations as a solo
• Tips for the practical side of being single like finances, friendships, and the functionality of your single life
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Fort Lauderdale, FLorida
Author bio
Mary Delia Allen lives in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and Rocky River, Ohio. She has worked in the events space as a photographer, a caterer, a corporate meeting planner and large-scale sporting events logistics manager all while passionately building a solo life. Mary Delia worked as a tour guide leading groups of singles on travels around the world for more than a decade and truly believes we are in a new era of what being single looks and feels like.
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How to Be Great at Being Single
Tools to Face Loneliness

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