Edward H. Carpenter
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Steven Pressfield's THE WARRIOR ETHOS: One Marine Officer's Critique and Counterpoint
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WARS CHANGE... WARRIORS MUST EVOLVE AS WELL... Not everyone is a warrior, but those of us who are must embrace a new Warrior Ethos, one that is distinct from earlier and contemporary codes that equate honor with vengeance and stoicism, and seek to instill it through shame and the use of gender-based insults. Today's warriors need a modern Warrior Ethos that acknowledges diversity and is based on solid principles of firmness, fairness, and dignity towards our fellow warriors, and our adversaries.
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Hello, friend. My name is Edward H. Carpenter. I am a reader and writer, a futurist and a humanist. I have spent most of my adult life in the US military - first as an enlisted Soldier, then as an officer of Marines. Now, as I begin the next chapter of my life - as a student, a traveler, and a writer, I'm focusing on sharing my experiences and ideas with the world through the written word.
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Leadership, Harvard's Creative Writing program, Travel.
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“Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing about.”
~ Ben Franklin

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