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Just Motivate Me for fitness
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Just Motivate Me for Fitness is the book for people who struggle with their inner motivations to become fit.

Many fitness books exist will advise you on exercises and measurements.

Many motivation books will stress the importance of routine, focus and goals.

The challenge with using many of the books that are available are that they can sometimes be over-generalized.

People are not all the same age, same demographics, same life experiences and circumstances and same challenges.

Just Motivate Me for fitness makes two specific assertions that form the backbone of the book:

1. Motivation is deeply personal and one motivational method or fitness program most definitely does not fit all; and

2. For many ordinary people, it is so much more important to train the mind so that the body can be properly and realistically trained.
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Just Write It for fitness - not published, being authored right now. Estimated publication date is June, 2022.
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Powell, Ohio USA
Author bio
Russell Cotter is an Australian American with a passion for helping people to discover and learn about themselves towards unlocking their motivation.

His first book, “Just Motivate Me - for fitness” stands as a handbook for finding purpose and meaning towards fitness, through guided introspection.

Russell has developed his personal motivation for fitness to meet the challenges of mountaineering in Australia, Wales, Egypt and the Himalayas, training for Army Reserve, Martial Arts and distance running.

He learned a lot about unlocking personal motivation that is now available to share with the world.
Favorite Quote or Personal Motto

Train your mind to train your body.

  • Train your mind to train your body.

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