Ann Sheybani
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How To Eat The Elephant: Build Your Book In Bite-Sized Steps
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Have you (and your friends) grown bored with all of your highly imaginative excuses for not writing that book?
Are you finally ready to turn those clever cocktail napkin ideas into something tangible?
Eager to become an ass-kicking, gets-things-done author?
Then there's only one thing left to do...BEGIN!
Straight talking, funny, and brutally honest, How To Eat The Elephant will give you--yes, you--the shove you need to haul your rump off the sofa and position it in front of your computer.
Paralyzed by the enormity of such a project? Well, you won't get any sympathy here. But you will get all the tools you need to chunk the writing process down into bite-sized pieces.
Terrified by the prospect of public embarrassment and failure? What. Ever. How To Eat The Elephant will guide you, laughing all the way, through the minefield of revision and publication.
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Canton, CT
Author bio
Ann Sheybani is the author of How to Eat the Elephant: Build Your Book in Bite-Sized Steps. She helps speakers, coaches, and entrepreneurs write and publish books that will attract clients.

She is the founder of Build a Book Bootcamp, a 6-week virtual coaching program designed to transform cocktail napkin ideas into books; and co-director of The East Hill Writers' Workshops, a nurturing community for blossoming writers, which offers an assortment of local and virtual craft workshops.

She received her Masters in Creative Writing and Literature from Harvard University. Her first publication, Not Without My Mother, appeared in The Charles River Review in the fall of 2002. You can find her blog, Things Mama Never Taught Me, at A frequent participant at Bread Loaf Writer’s Conference, an Artist in Residency at Hambidge, founder of Haraji English School in Shiraz, Iran, certified as a secondary school English teacher, Sheybani loves words and languages and the writerly life.
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Your Story Sells
The Five Things Every Writer Is Afraid Of
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People buy from people they know, like, and trust. You can't create that without revealing yourself.

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