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Love Has Its Ups and Downs
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Love Has Its Ups and Downs is the story of my life with a bipolar husband and a marriage manual for anyone who wants to have a successful relationship with someone with bipolar disorder.
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Quincy, Illinois, USA
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Bonnie Rice has a natural need to do research and a special ability to translate that into something fun to read that actually helps real people solve real life problems.

A housewife writer who had more success helping others than helping herself with her research and writing about home organization and parenting, Bonnie Rice was relieved to learn that it wasn't her imagination when her husband was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. No wonder he was often more like an extra child to raise than a partner. It wasn't anyone's fault--it was a real serious medical problem. Things that worked for almost everyone else weren't working for her for a reason, so she started doing the research into bipolar that would help her figure it all out.

Love Has Its Ups and Downs is the result of that research. Honestly, anything that works for a relationship with bipolar will probably work for almost all couples--things like accepting your partner for who they are, setting and maintaining reasonable boundaries, and communicating your needs and concerns, those aren't specific to bipolar, but they are more important and less natural when you are working with a mental illness.

Now it's time to go back to the home organization and other topics and adapting those to a household with mental illness. New books that cover all the usual housewife topics with the twist of being adaptable to a lot of different situations, even with a bipolar husband or a mentally ill child. Life goes on. And Bonnie Rice will be writing about it and sharing tips that really work.
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Bipolar Disorder
Living with a bipolar spouse
Uncomplicating Complicated marriages
Home Organization for the Hopelessly Disorganized
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Love Works.

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