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Hiring Right: A Business Blueprint for Lower Turnover and Higher Profits
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Hiring Right: A Business Blueprint for Lower Turnover and Higher Profits is a straight-forward how to book for business owners and managers, and HR professionals. It features step-by-step blueprints for every phase of the hiring process, along with sample forms.

Part One Chapters include developing a profile of the "ideal" employee; recruiting and screening applicants; interviewing; employment law in hiring; and orientation and training.

Part Two includes detailed blueprints for hiring entry level labor; office clerical and administrative support staff; sales; technical; and management positions. Each blueprint includes step by step details and sample forms.

Hiring Right is the ideal tool for business managers and HR pros who want to reduce their new hire turnover and put more money in the profit column.

Author Pat Kelley, MS, SPHR, is a retired HR Director and Manager with more than 43 years' experience helping companies reduce their employee turnover and increase their profits. She worked in banking, manufacturing, food processing and communications, and became known as a "turnaround" expert for her ability to quickly spot problems and implement appropriate solutions. She helped companies reduce their new hire turnover by up to 95% and increase profits by more than $2 Million annually.

She is an experienced seminar and workshop leader, with thousands of hours of management development training under her belt. She is passionate about teaching companies the tools and techniques involved in hiring employees, and developing more effective leaders.

Her website is at and her blog is at
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Lessons Learned: Cases from 43 Years in Human Resources

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Hiring Right: 5 easy steps to Lower Turnover and Higher Profits

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