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A Private Conversation with Money
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End the stress and struggles with money. “A Private Conversation with Money” invites the reader to a healthy relationship with money and wealth. Many people repeat the same struggles with money because of subconscious beliefs, cultural norms, and internal ethical conflicts.
Joe, a journalist, has a series of provoking conversations with the personality of “Money'' that challenge his self-destructive beliefs and actions. Money invites him to clarify how he looks at the world by reframing his knowledge, behaviors, beliefs, and even how he sees himself. Joe challenges each precept to bring clarity to the reader. The result is an experience that serves not only Joe but those in his world.
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San Jose, CA USA
Author bio
Richard Friesen works with professionals and business leaders who want to increase their personal effectiveness with joy and grace. His neuroscience-based Mind Muscles™ model gives his clients the opportunity to reach their goals with online training, simulations, interactive exercises, group support, and real-time decision processes.

Richard has been a futures broker for Merrill Lynch, a floor trader on the CME, CBOT, and the options floor of the Pacific Exchange where he built and sold a successful options trading firm where he served on the Exchange's board of directors. He also founded and built a financial software company and is the inventor of ten significant trading interface patents. This combined with his Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology, Neurolinguistic Programing Master’s certification, and neuroscience focus, brings a unique framework to business, investing, and career success.

Rich is building a Money-Positive community with his book “A Private Conversation with Money” and his online course. This book observes the main character “Joe” who deals with all the conflicts, self-sabotage, and belief systems around money and wealth.
Professional Speaker Topics
How can you turn a money-negative mindset into a money-positive mindset?
3 Golden Keys to expanding our choices in life
How do we heal our economic and cultural divide?
How do we create a resilient mindset when facing extreme events?
Exposing family patterning about money
Why is it so hard to change behaviors we repeat over and over again?
How does our culture impact our rapport with money?
Favorite Quote or Personal Motto

My core value is: Respect for the dignity and integrity of every individual

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