Services Offered
Wellness programs
Most Recent Book Title
Get Back to Fit
Book Description
A daily Guide to Well Being (a personal journey)
Additional Book Titles
Great Group Skits, Energize- Tapping into the Power of Your Wireless Anatomy, From There to Here, Memoirs of an Italian Warbride
Author bio
After two major back injuries curtailed my acting and dance career, I shifted my studies to health education and communications. I now help businesses and individuals develop health strategies. I use hands-on activities that integrate body and mind, and incorporate simple tools to excite people to live productive lifestyles with integrity and grace. I have been a guest speaker at wellness conferences, staff development programs, national business meetings and crime and violence prevention conferences.
Professional Speaker Topics
Fitness, nutrition, personal development, stress management.
Favorite Quote or Personal Motto

"When the mind bears malice towards none, It is filled with charity towards all. He who has learned to control his tongue has attained Self Control in great measure. When such a person speaks, he will be heard with respect and attention." BKS Iyengar

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