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Get Fired Up Without Burning Out!
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This book is loaded with info on how to not only get fired up...but to KEEP fired up! The stories and valuable tips will get you started.
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The Butterfly Factor
I Need A Good Laugh!
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Nashville, TN, USA
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We’ve all faced challenges in life, and Carol has had her share. She learned how to keep fired up at a young age. Until age 12, her family lived in an 18’ trailer surrounded by circus performers in a small trailer park. We hope she’ll tell us more about that!
In high school, her guidance counselor told her she wasn’t college material. But because Carol wanted to become a teacher or social worker, she knew a college degree was necessary. After flunking out of three colleges, she buckled down and finally graduated with honors and went on to receive a Master’s Degree from NYU.
When Carol lost her younger sister to breast cancer, she had to learn how to get fired up all over again.
She shares her practical solutions at conferences around the country to show audiences how to get fired up without burning out. After all, she wrote the book on it!
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Get Fired Up Without Burning Out!
Fired-Up Leadership
Keep Fired Up Through Change
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"Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can!" Arthur Ashe

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