Sara Todd-Stone
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A Hundred Pounds of Chicken (in progress)
Book Description
You’ve had a relentless nagging; a pulling in your gut. You know you’re being led towards something, but it’s risky - it’s so much easier to stay where you’re at - it’s safe, comfortable, known. Sara Todd-Stone takes readers on a personal journey of faith by giving an intimate glimpse into a life touched by His grace.

Modern day miracles do exist and I'll take you along our crazy journey from a trip across the country with less than $500 to surviving for a year on ... you guessed it ... a hundred pounds of chicken!
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Nampa, Idaho, US
Author bio
Sara Todd-Stone spent her professional career in insurance sales. After nearly 3 years of trying to ignore that pull - She left her job and a six figure salary to follow God’s calling on her life. She is dedicated to serving His purpose through encouraging others to take risks, go farther and live a life without regrets by learning to trust God.
Favorite Quote or Personal Motto

Experience His grace - gain the courage to take that leap of faith!

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