Julie Watson
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Travel Mementos
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Travel Mementos is a collection of true stories from locations around the world. Spanning continents and cultures, the evocative retelling of these personal memories will transport, surprise and delight the reader in an immerisve reading experience.
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Isle of Wight/ UK
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Julie Watson taught in countries around the world and in UK higher education before retiring to the Isle of Wight in 2016. She published research in her academic field and has travelled extensively during her career. Soon after retiring to the Isle of Wight she joined a local writers' group and started writing up her travel memoirs. Her first book, Travel Mementos: Personal Stories about Faraway Places, was published in March 2021. Her second book is scheduled to be published in April 2023.
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Orbis terrarum liber est, et illi que non commeant modo unam paginam legunt

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