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Defying Gravity - How Space Travel Inspired One Woman's Quest To Transform Our Health On Earth
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It’s 12.56 pm on Monday 21 July 1969 Australian Eastern Standard Time. Six hundred million people watch on screens all over the world as Neil Armstrong takes ‘one giant leap’ on to the surface of the moon.

Twenty-four year old physiotherapist Carolyn Richardson, married and just pregnant with her first child, is one of them, sitting in front of the TV in her living room in Toowoomba, in regional Queensland. She’s been fascinated by space travel since the early days of the space race, and now she watches, spellbound, as the bulky, shadowy figure of Armstrong bounces along on the moon. What effect would the lack of gravity be having on his body? No-one has studied it in detail, and Carolyn is determined that one day she will find out.

This is Carolyn's story, told by her and ghostwritten by me. Carolyn's obsession with space travel and the effect of lack of gravity on the body leads to groundbreaking discoveries in muscle function. Her research forms the basis of the concepts of core strength and stability, the foundation of modern fitness and rehabilitation programs.

By the time Carolyn completes her PhD in 1987, it has become widely recognised that astronauts often suffer many health problems after returning from prolonged time in space. The lack of gravity causes bone and muscle deterioration, so they have to undergo months of rehabilitation. The damage cannot always be reversed, and sometimes they need to have spinal surgery.

Carolyn takes part in many studies on astronaut health, becoming an internationally recognised scientist in this sphere, which includes becoming an advisor to NASA. As her career advances, she has to deal with the challenges of being a working mother in the 1980s when it was not as common as it is today, and as female scientists were a rarity, the patronising and arrogant attitudes of many of her male colleagues.

After her retirement in 2007, Carolyn undergoes spinal surgery after a slipped disc in her back and creates her own rehabilitation program. She and her son David invent a number of exercise tools for core work and begin a business GravityFit. NASA agrees to sponsor the research into a gravity suit, resulting in the GravitySuit, now used by professional athletes to increase core strength. NASA are currently using it as a template to create one specific to the needs of astronauts.

Carolyn's research into the effect of lack of gravity on health in space has important consequences for health on earth. Pushing up against the force of gravity is the basis of maintaining good muscle and bone health, and conditions such as osteoporosis, arthritis, low back pain and sarcopenia have become major health problems all over the world.

This is a fascinating and inspiring story for anyone interested in space travel, health and fitness and high-achieving women.
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I am a ghostwriter of non-fiction, specialising in memoirs and life stories. I have also written my own memoir, Making the Breast of It, a humorous account of my experience of breast cancer. There's a link to it in Website link #2.
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Queensland, Australia
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I have over 30 years experience in the writing profession and am an experienced author and non-fiction ghostwriter, specialising in life stories and memoirs. I have written several books for clients and love the process of helping people to get their stories out into the world.

I have also published 8 of my own novels, mainly crime fiction, but also including my own memoir Making the Breast of It – Breast Cancer Stories of Humour and Joy.

Details of some of the books I have ghostwritten and my own books are on my website

I have also won several awards for short stories, and I find that my experience in writing fiction has been very useful in knowing how to develop a compelling narrative and making characters come alive in my memoir writing.
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