Ibukun Oyenekan
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The Mind Revolution is a rare motivational classic, with revelational nuggets which unearth the deep and hidden truths of life and the common but often overlooked subjects of our existence with a passion and depth, beyond the ordinary. It aims at sensitizing everyone on the surface of the earth towards their vision and pursuits. It knocks out the highly rooted negative beliefs and inspires a new orientation and approach towards destinal fulfillment.

Filled with unusually instructive and highly sensational quotes from sages both dead and alive, it unravels the mysteries behind their achievements. It exposes without mincing words, the urgent necessity of an uncompromising decision to make a difference.

Not leaving you wondering on how to apply these timeless information, it highlights steps to be taken. It is not just another motivational book but a must read for anyone who is dissatisfied with merely existing. Your life would be set on a higher pedestal when the nuggets in this book are thoroughly digested and put into practice.

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Top Your Class
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Ibukun Oyenekan is a young, dynamic and passionate man with a central message on human and mind development for personal and professional competence.

He is a motivational speaker, an entrepreneur, a trainer and conference facilitator. He holds a B.Sc. degree in Accounting & Finance and he is also a student member of Association of Charterred Certified Accountants (ACCA London). He is a member of Project Management Institute, USA and has held various managerial positions in consulting, construction, health, education and oil & gas industries.

He is the founder and Chief Resource Person of Midas Impact Int’l, a firm with a dominant focus on creativity and mind development. He has worked in various official capacities among students and youths.
Professional Speaker Topics
Love, Sex and Passion

Going Against the Tide

Releasing Your Potentials

Top Your Class

Favorite Quote or Personal Motto

Nothing changes on its own. Every change is consciously effected.

Whatever you can tolerate, you can't change

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