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Enjoy Your Solo How to be Great at Being Single
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Are you ready to be great at being single?

So many forces propel you toward being in a couple, but it is truly expected that you will have times without a romantic partner. This is the solo. It’s your opportunity to learn to know yourself and build a life exactly suited to YOU!

This is a how to be single and happy book inviting you to learn to be happy alone.

This Solo guide will help you find
• How to learn to know yourself enabling you to create a full solo life
• Upbeat and positive ways to view the upsides and downsides of being single
• Practical and actionable advice you can use immediately

Warning: there is no dating advice here. You are fifty percent of your next relationship, but you are one hundred percent of the relationship with yourself for the rest of your life so read this book and … ENJOY YOUR SOLO

Specific topics include
• Advice on going out and staying in by yourself
• Strategies for handling your emotions, free time, and social situations as a solo
• Tips for the practical side of being single like finances, friendships, and the functionality of your single life
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Fort Lauderdale, Florida
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I am Mary Delia Allen and I help unmarried people define their single status as an enjoyable and valid solo season in life. I wrote and self-published Enjoy Your Solo: How to Be Great at Being Single to motivate singles to commit time and energy to themselves in the season of their life spent outside of a commitment to a partner. My goal is to evangelize the new experiences of the modern day single person.

48% of US Adults are single. Almost 30% of US households are one person living alone. Pew Research predicts that one in four adults 26-41 today will NOT ever marry. You are 100% of your relationship with yourself for the rest of your life and only 50% of any romantic partnership.

There is so much advice (reality TV & romantic movies & marketing) targeted to singles about finding/attracting/marrying/divorcing/recovering from intimate relationships. BUT what about building a life you love? The solo is a DIY project that is one size fits one. Building a solo is meaningful work and the client (you!) is always available. Enjoy Your Solo seeks to help singles spend their limited resources on creating a full solo life in the times between partner relationships.

For 20 years as a luxury event logistics professional, I executed and participated in once in a lifetime experiences over and over again. I’ve worked 15 Super Bowls, the Olympics, MLB All Star games, MLS Finals, NCAA Final Fours, political conventions, and countless corporate meeting events. And all those years I was also building a solo personal life I truly loved. As the lead travel director for Singles Travel international the number one travel company dedicated to single people traveling together, I met so many people in so many circumstances who were single for all kinds of reasons that I knew I had to write a book to reflect a new era of how solo life is today. #enjoyyoursolo
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Enjoy Your Solo Being Great at Being Single
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The Solo: News About Today's Single
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The solo is a DIY project that is one size fits one! You are 100% of your relationship with yourself for the rest of your life and only 50% of any romantic partnership.

If you sit longer at the desk the writing will improve

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