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Transitioning early in her career from a chiropractor working with pediatric patients to a bench scientist in population genetics, Bonny has worked in academia/medicine, industry, and medical education in many therapeutic areas. As a medical writer specializing in infectious disease/HIV her responsibilities and skills evolved into executive roles within medical education and a career developing analytical insights and actionable data-driven recommendations into content media, industry reports and powerful market access documentation. In addition to integrating value strategy in alignment with business development activities Bonny joins collaborative teams with an active role creating strategies & tactics for economic value & quality of life arguments during development, launch, and lifecycle management.

As the US healthcare model evolves, pricing pressures and access barriers require the appreciation of value of care. Bringing a focused ability to communicate proof of concept and medical management in concrete, business-oriented terms to multiple audiences is vital. Global markets in health serve as important models to drive change in adoption of value-based paradigms to improve health outcomes.

Ongoing academic work in model thinking, discrete choice experiments, and health technology assessment has created a variety of opportunities to improve patient outcomes at the point of care. Bonny is also working with the Right Care Alliance to advocate for the health needs of patients and communities to invest in the policies and infrastructure that best serve the interests of the community.
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Communicating Value in Medicine
Cost and Quality of Care in Cancer
The Cost of Health vs. The Cost of Healthcare
Alzheimer's Disease: The Brand
Topics in Health Economics and Health Policy
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Forgiveness is the scent the violet imparts on the heel that crushes it...

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